Christmas in October

I used to have a Christmas related ban until November. Halloween and my brothers birthdays had to be firmly out of the way before I could turn my attention to the biggest festive season of the year. This year though Christmas seems to have surrounded me much earlier. In September I was in Harrods buying Christmas baubles. October’s paycheck has already seen the purchase of 3 Christmas presents and an enquiry into Christmas fruit cake has lead to spending a day in the kitchen playing around with Santa’s, snowmen and Holly leaves whilst the trick or treat snacks aren’t due out of the cupboard for another 2 weeks.

Normally I would be complaining and insisting people who talk about Christmas this early are mad and I did think that when we launched Christmas at work before my birthday, but now I’m fully on board with the practically of thinking about Christmas early. Owning a house and working in retail has clearly changed me.

So today’s blog if you hadn’t already guessed is about Christmas and fruit cake. Most people think u need to make a fruit cake months in advance and I guess you do if a boozy number is your thing. On the other hand my recipie can be eaten straight away or kept if your waiting for the family to arrive and offers (according to the instructions) a lighter option which could be what u need at the end of Christmas diner. 
 Whilst Fruit cake wouldn’t be the first thing in my basket. I love those Germany star biscuits – whose name I forget every year. I’ll have to Google it again to get the recipie unless anyone else knows?

 There are still a vast number of people who can’t have christmas without a traditional cake. My family members are among the traditional cake eaters and so a couple of years ago I treated them to some nice iced fruit cakes. Nothing too fancy but it fit the bill.

Since then my baking skills have improvef and this year I thought I might add a little bit more colour and make use of some of the cutters I’ve aquired over the years. For me with cake I believe less is more so a nice simple number is probably going to be on my mum’s table this year. 

If she’s really lucky and more to the point if I have time I might add some characters which seem to be increasing in popularity along side the demand for elaborate cakes designed out of brightly coloured fondant. Today I had a go at making a Santa.

He looked rather good sitting on top of the little mock cake I made up to test my Christmas Ideas. It seemed like a good idea to use a baking lid to be able to play around with different layouts and icing designs without the time needed to make a full cake. Or the need for an army of people to eat said cake.

Obviously were still going to have a Christmas display to eat but we will definately both be the size of whales if we both eat half a cake everytime I come up with inspiration for a new baking idea. I did wonder though if maybe to save some money and food I could make my little mock ups out of play dough or modeling clay to make it reusable. That’s an idea that I may have to look into.

It all depends on if u can get all the colours to be able to make things like this little snowman.

The other problem that I need to solve is how to get my little mock up displays to stand up straight. On the real cake the dowels keep then standing tall but without a spongy base I always seem to get a bit of a lean.

Does anyone know if u can use modeling clay to do mock ups of celebration cakes? Has anyone tried? Does anyone do mock up displays and have any tips of stabilising characters or any other tips that might be handy?

Will fruit cake be the first item in your basket this Christmas or like me are you more a lover of Mince Pies and Christmas Stars? Or do you have any other baking ideas I’m yet to try?