GBBO challenge – Series 6 – Raspberry Millefeuille

This week's bake was inspired by left over puff pastry. Earlier in the week Dan asked me to have ago at making some Beef pinwheels. The recipie required 500g of pastry so not confident with the techniques I bought 2 packs of ready rolled puff and ended up only using only one. A brief search … Continue reading GBBO challenge – Series 6 – Raspberry Millefeuille


It’s all about Pumpkin . . . .

I can't quite believe that my other half has no childhood memories of pumpkin carving. So today we acted like children and made a pumpkin. He always insists he's not doing Halloween but this year I think he's started to mellow.  I remember every year my mum complaining that she didn't know what to do … Continue reading It’s all about Pumpkin . . . .