GBBO challenge – Series 6 – Raspberry Millefeuille

This week’s bake was inspired by left over puff pastry. Earlier in the week Dan asked me to have ago at making some Beef pinwheels. The recipie required 500g of pastry so not confident with the techniques I bought 2 packs of ready rolled puff and ended up only using only one.

A brief search of the Internet and up popped Merry Berrys Raspberry Millefeuille recipie from the technical challenge in GBBO series 6. Seeing how I’ve attempted a number of technical bakes in the past I thought I’d give this a whirl.

I’m really glad I didn’t make my own puff pastry this time round as it was a good chance to test my oven and equipment without destroying pastry I’d spent hours making. 

The bake went well and contructio started with a nice even spread of rasberries: 

However I found the recipie clearly stated 2 contradictory points. The first being that you need exactly 48 raspberries and the second being that you should alternate raspberries and cream. If you alternate raspberries and cream you will need 116 raspberries otherwise you will use 48 and use a pattern similar to that on my second layer.

If you do the maths 48 still only gives you 4 rasberries per slice which only 3 of these actually have. On the other hand the recipie did leave me with rather a lot of left over cream which leads me to believe that the ratio of cream to Raspberries wasn’t 50/50 and definately wasn’t to be used alternatively.

As a result my next recipie is definately going to be inspired by chantilly cream and the guys at work are going to get yet another treat due to left over ingredients and the need to use them up.

They may even get a sample of the completed raspberry millefeuille’s as I’m not sure me n Dan are going to be able to do enough gym sessions to balance out eating all these.

Does anyone else have a problem with recipies having too much or not enough of a particular ingredient? I don’t think I’m stingy on my portion sizes but I always seem to be left with something to inspire my next bake. How do you choose what to bake next?


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