It’s all about Pumpkin . . . .

I can’t quite believe that my other half has no childhood memories of pumpkin carving. So today we acted like children and made a pumpkin. He always insists he’s not doing Halloween but this year I think he’s started to mellow. 

I remember every year my mum complaining that she didn’t know what to do with all the left over pumpkin, so here was me thinking I’d have plenty to make the American Classic Pumpkin Pie. Maybe it’s because as children there were 3 of us or maybe I picked a small pumpkin (my Aldi pumpkin was definately bigger than the “large” pumpkins on offer in Tesco), whatever the reason I really struggled to get the 550g needed. 

In the end I had to settle for a squash and pumpkin pie but the 2 are interchangeable in recipies right??

Pumpkin pie might be a classic in America but to me this is quite possibly the most obscure bake I’ve ever made. I’m not even sure I’m going to like the strange concoction of ingredients that will fill my sweet shortcrust pastry case never mind being able to convince Dan to give it a try.

Dan’s been acting like a child all afternoon singing “who’s is that pumpkin in the window” and taking lots of photos so I believe the Pumpkin making was a hit. That is after he’d got over the trauma of reasiling you had to scoop out the seeds and fleshy bits.

The verdict still out though on weather or not the Pumpkin pie will be a hit or weather it will be too obscure for our British taste buds either way it does look surprisingly good 🙂 all that’s missing is a big dollop of ice cream.


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