GBBO: Technical Challenge 10 – the Victoria sponge.

Yippee I did it I made a victoria sponge complete with homemade jam with no recipie in 1hr 27 mins :). Feeling quite proud of that achievement. Now I just need Dan to hurry home from work so I have a cake taster.

This week I was going to make the Marjolaine from week 7 but with Dan finishing early, a blog entry to complete and a lack of will power not to peek at the recipie there was only one option and that was to go with the classic British victoria sandwich.

So now my cakes baked and ready to eat how did I do vs. The real recipie?

1. The cake mix:

I had to add an extra tbl spoon of milk to try and get the correct dropping consistency which could have resulted from me only using 3 large eggs. Then again all the reciepies I’ve browsed differ with one of my go to recipies stating 4 medium or 3 large eggs and my other go to recipie stating 4 eggs. The other missing ingredient was 1/2 tsp of baking powder which doesn’t appear from the look to have impacted the bake.

2. The Jam:

Ended up missing 50g of Sugar which I should have been able to guess as when I weighed the bag there was 500g and I’ve made Jam only twice before. Hopefully it will be sweet enough with all the butter cream I’ve added :).

3. The butter cream:

Piped with a slightly small nozzle because I realised with 10 mins to go I don’t actually have a connector for my large nozzle set. That issue really wouldn’t happen if I was in the tent.  It looks like most reciepes go 50% butter to sugar which I managed. I went 250g vs. 125g which is more than needed but now I’ve got plenty left in the bowl for later :). Most recipies also seemed to require a tbl spoon of milk or water but with the addition of vanilla I seemed to get an easy to pipe cream. Maybe the secret was in the softness of the butter I used.

So there we have it the final technical bake of 2016, in the time limit and with no recipie :D. Only one question remains will it taste as good as it looks??


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