GBBO Technical Challenge 6: Herby Fougasse

I haven’t really baked much bread (unless you count pizza dough) but when I have it usually turns out rather well. I seem to find making bread rather stressfree compared to other baking techniques. All the fiddly bits you need to get right for pastry or delicate cakes seem to be replaced with mixing a few things together and chilling for a few hours whilst you leave the dough to do its thing. I find bread an easy bake for when u want to be creative but only want to put in limited effort.

Today I made the GBBO technical challenge 6 – Herby Fougasse. Whilst waiting for my dough to rise I thought I’d have a look at the origin of all these challenges as it seems peculiar to me that the techical challenges in a show titled the Great British Bake off tend not to have originated in the UK. 

So far we have had:
1. Jaffa Cakes – definately a UK product originating from mcvities

2. Viennese Swirls – surprisingly also British here was me thinking they originated from Vienna.

3. The Dampfnudel – originating from Germany but eaten in many European countries as a dessert such as France and Austria. 

4. The lacey heart pancake which I can’t really find an origin for as the pancake in many different forms appears to have been around since the stone age.

5. The bakewell tart which is most definately British from the town of Bakewell.

And that brings us to this week’s bake of the Herby Fougasse originating from France. 

Ok so looking at the first 6 challenges it does appear that at least 50% of the challenges are British with lacey pancakes still to be comfirmed it just always seems to me that I’m baking something that we’ve never heard of in the UK. 

Like this week’s Herby Fougasse.

Or next week’s Marjolaine which also originates in France. I wonder what percentage of the bakes will actually be British by the end of the series?.


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