GBBO: Technical Challenge 4

Heart Shaped Lacey Pancakes day 1.

I may have gotten slightly sidetracked but I haven’t given up on my mission to try all the technical challenges that feature on this years GBBO. There is however only so many sweet things u can eat in a day and after the birthday cake Angie n Dan put together for me last weekend we needed a few dessert free days to make the gym sessions worthwhile.

This weekend I finally got round to making heart shaped lacey pancakes. The contestants on bake off made it look so easy. I however lost count of how many I made on and at least 2 ended up abandoned in a heap. Towards the end my pancakes got better and I started to get some decent shapes.

Could have done with a bit more consistency on the baking I didn’t mind.  Drizzled with chocolate sauce they all tasted yummy 😀 

Lacey pancakes Day 2.

The batter mix said makes 12 n I definately ate 3, 2 definately went splat and I’m not sure how many Dan had – maybe 5?!?. Either way there was still way to much batter mix for one round of desserts so on Monday night we had lacey pancakes round 2.

 After much practise a bigger frying pan and smaller squeezy bottle I made one fairly impressive pancake.

Most of them looked really good in the pan but then either didn’t flip so well or didn’t have a consistent colouring.

What I learnt from this technical is that u have to have some serious skills to be able to get 12 identical pancakes 1 after the next without having practised before hand. Maybe in time I will reach that stage.

But for now I’m going to take my stack of mis-matched pancakes smoother them with chocolate and enjoy the rest of this week’s episode of the hunted.

Did anyone else attempt week 4’s techical challenge? Does anyone have any tips or photos to share? 


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