Celebration Cakes

So it might have been quiet on the blog site for the last few days but my kitchen has been a hive of activity as I focused on putting together a birthday cake.

I don’t often make celebration cakes but when I do I tend to get lost in the zone for hours at a time in a land of inventiveness and creativity.

So far this year I think I have done 4 projects around the birthdays and celebrations of family and closest friends.

First up in April was Dan’s Birthday –

” I’ll have something nice and simple this year” he said.

Queue 2 days in the kitchen putting together a Super Mario spread of cupcakes, shortbreads and a 2 tier birthday cake to feed him and his hungry friends after an afternoon of go karting.

Next up came my Dad’s birthday. My parents came over to visit for some rest n relaxation. I think they secretly like being able to visit for the weekend and finally have the ability to get waited on hand and foot free of charge. Mum suggested a truck cake so I took the photo of some of the lorries he drives for a living and put together this little creation. Again a combination of shortbread and cake. I seem to like that combination although on my latest creation that didn’t work for me.

At the end of July/ start of summer Paul decided to take a leap into the world of self employment and so instead of the wedding cake:

We were going to make his daughter for her wedding in exchange for all his help with the house Dan decided it would be a good laugh to make him his own little buisness van based around the only fools and horses theme:

And that brings me to the cakes baked in my kitchen this week although admittedly not all by myself. I’ve been moaning for a while that whilst I slave away for hours making beautiful cakes for friends and family I can’t actually remember the last time I had a birthday cake. Well a real one anyway. For my 21st I had a toffee pavlova from Lythams but that doesn’t really count.

So as I worked the late shift on Saturday night Angie n Dan snook into the kitchen n put together a surprise birthday cake. Best bit is I’ve struggled for ages to find a proper gooey, fudgey chocolate cake reciepe n they did it with one try. So not only did I get a belated cake I also now have a great recipe to follow for chocolate cake :).

And that brings me to my final celebration cake which will be a lovely surprise for Iona on her birthday tomorrow. A mixture of chocolate cake,  Victoria sponge and chocolate orange truffles – those from Team North West will remember the Valentines truffles a few years ago – to create a Spanish building inspired by Goudie n surrounded by palm trees.

Once the birthday cakes, left over icing and chocolate sauce are eaten I may just get around to the techical challenge from GBBO week 4 but right now my fridge can’t handle anymore desserts.

Pity because a little bird tells me it’s dessert week on GBBO.


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