The problem with homemade pies.

The problem with homemade pies is that I’ve never been able to get them out of the tin and nicely presented on the plate until now.

Normally I end up with the lid on the plate surrounded by a mountain of filling whilst the bottom of the pie remains firmly in the case.

So we head into winter I’ve decided to start restocking the freezer with pies and this time I’m determined that they will end up in one piece on the plate everytime. Below are the steps I’ve taken to turn out my pies perfectly.

For a perfectly turned out pie:

1. Line the pastry dish with tin foil.

2. Line the tin foil lined pastry dish with pastry.

3. Bake the pie as you normally would.

4. When the pie is ready (looks properly baked on the top) take out of the oven and place a small diner plate over the top.

5. Holding the diner plate to the pie flip over the pie and then remove the dish and foil from the bottom

6. Check the bake of the bottom the foil’s reflective nature may have caused the bottom to not be fully baked don’t worry. Simply cook the pies upside down for a further 10 mins.

7. Once the pastry is nicely golden use a spatula to flip the pie the right way up and voila you have a perfectly turned out pie 🙂

Does anyone want to share any tips on how they get thier homemade pies to turn out properly?

Do anyone have a favourite homemade pie reciepe they would like to share? Or flavour?

My current pie recipies include a steak n ale of which I need to tweek the sauce slightly next time. And a football pie whose recipie I think I got from a celebrity edition of GBBO but always goes down well as long as I remember the peas.

If anyone wants the recipie posted let me know and I’ll be happy to share :).


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