That moment when your mum out bakes you . . . .

Yesterday I decided to put together this little blog and attempted the GBBO technical challenge to create a Bakewell Tart in 2.5hrs.

My cake:

Meanwhile unknown to me, my mum decided to undertake the same challenge. Declaring her photo of a bakewell tart after 2 hrs 27 mins.

Mum’s Cake:

Not only did I miss my time limit by 25mins, have a bakewell pie which sank in the middle and turned out to be underbaked but my mother managed to turn out a rather good looking bake.

Inside my Cake:

Inside mum’s cake:

It’s impossible to know living 2 hrs away which tart tasted better but I now have an increased desire to practise the bakewell Tart until I reach perfection n also the need to challenge my mum to a bake off on my next visit home.

Provided mum’s cake lasts long enough for me to get home as if it tastes good my little brother may just demolish it in no time at all look he’s already munched half;


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