GBBO: Technical Challenges 1-5

As a massive fan of Great British Bake off at the start of series 7 I decided to embark on a mission to bake every technical challenge in the series.

Week 1: started well with some Jaffa cakes (24 instead of 12 because according to my partner 12 just isn’t enough).

Week 2: saw the return of the Jaffa cakes because they were just too yummy not to bake again and the introduction of Vieneese swirls.

Week 3: was all about the Dampfnudel which wouldn’t have scored highly on the show as the bottom was clearly cremated. It tasted fab though once you sliced off the burnt section  n it gave me a chance to learn how to make creme pat and a plum sauce.

Week 4: is yet to be trailed as despite enjoying a week off from work somehow I didn’t manage to make it to a store to purchase some squeezy bottles. Plus I really want to have a pancake competition when I do it because batter is much more my partner’s thing.

That brings me to . . .

Week 5: where a combination of my fairly good attempts at recreating the bakes and my constant critism of the contestants baking skills of bakes I formally classed as “easy” lead my partner to churp up n say;

so you’d be able to do just as well in the time limit then?” 

Oh yes I thought making a bakewell tart in 2.5 hours will be a doddle, I’ve made one before so I kinda know what I’m doing. Lol turns out that baking in a time limit is so much harder.

Below is my bakewell tart which I have to admit took me 25 mins over the time limit provided on bake off:

If I’d stopped at the time limit which I would have had to as a contestant my Bakewell tart would have been red hot and literally seconds out of the oven and the icing would have been non-existant. On the plus my second batch of Jam of the series turned out much better :).

It just goes to show that actually with a time constraint baking is actually loads harder as here’s a Bakewell tart I previously made when I had all the time in the world.


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